Tech Lead at Procuros

2023 - now

I'm responsible for the tech direction of Procuros and work closely with the CTO and the tech/product team to ensure that Procuros has a product that can scale for the long-term.

Some notable things I worked on includes:

  • Implementing a fair-usage queue system for our pipeline.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure on AWS (ECS, Fargate, RDS etc).
  • Adapting our core pipeline to move away from building integrations manually by the development team.

Tech stack includes: PHP, TypeScript, React, Node, AWS, Docker etc.

Lead Developer at ABOUT YOU

2019 - 2023

I initially joined the company as a Senior Software Engineer but was soon after promoted to Lead Developer of their Logistics Application unit.

I'm very proud to have been part of the team that architected the company's move from a single-warehouse setup to a multi one.

Some notable things I worked on includes:

  • Architecting a legacy system to support a multi-warehouse setup coming from a single warehouse
  • A very fast and efficient queue consumer based on node.js for our warehouse movements which effectively allowed us to work with one worker instead of 40.
  • Together with another developer, I worked on refining an approach to enable one-off containers for our long-running jobs via ECS and Fargate

Tech stack includes: PHP, Node, AWS, Docker etc.


Working with Mozammil was truly enlightening. After getting the chance to work with him at Procuros, where we both moved to coincidentally at the same time, I couldn't help but wish we collaborated sooner!

His passion for tech is infectious. He is always in touch with the latest in the tech world and demonstrates a deep understanding of software development principles. His ability to solve complex problems efficiently, write clean and maintainable code, and adapt to new technologies sets him apart as a software engineer.

Remarkably, he also has a knack for dissecting issues to their core and weaving in the business perspective into every technical decision. It's rare to find someone with such deep technical expertise and sharp business intuition, and Mozammil effortlessly embodies both.

Apart from being a tech genius, he's also the epitome of a team player and an all-around awesome human being. In the whole year we worked together, every interaction with him was rewarding. I've personally learned a wealth of knowledge from working alongside Mozammil, which has significantly enriched my professional growth. It has been a privilege collaborating with him, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the trajectory of his exceptional talents in the future.

Klesti K. - Senior Backend Developer at ABOUT YOU

Having joined Procuros around the same time as Mozammil, I've had the privilege of closely collaborating with him, which has been very rewarding. Mozammil's exceptional talent extends far beyond technical skills; he possesses an ability to tackle the most intricate challenges with very elegant solutions.

Working with him is not just productive but also enjoyable, thanks to his friendly and collaborative approach. In summary, Mozammil is more than just a brilliant tech lead—he's a fantastic teammate who brings out the best in everyone around him.

Mario M. - Senior Backend Developer at Procuros

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Mozammil at ABOUT YOU where I was a Product Manager in the same team.

Apart from Mozammil's obvious skills as our tech lead, what made him truly exceptional was his ability to zero in on the problem at its core and factor in the business context into his technical decisions. Thus, the products and features we built were alway reliable and future proof. This skill is rare in general, and even rarer in technical fields, making it especially valuable coming from a highly technical person like Mozammil.

Mozammil is also a great team player, lead and an awesome person to work with both professionally and personally. I truly enjoyed our conversations and work together!

Mathew T. - Technical Product Manager at ABOUT YOU

I was lucky enough to work with Mozammil for the last nine months or so and I think he’s one of the most brilliant engineers I’ve met throughout my career. I'm constantly amazed by the solutions he can come up with for the most complex problems and the passion he has for what he's doing is overwhelming and contagious.

Serena V. - Senior Backend Developer at Procuros