Some things I believe in

  • Working in tech is one of the fastest and easiest way to achieve financial independence. There's no cut-off age after which it's too late to learn how to code.
  • Moving fast is almost always the right approach.
  • Experience is not an accurate measure for potential success.
  • Remarkable individuals at work will most likely make the most mistakes. Providing them an environment where they feel empowered instead of being criticised will have far more benefits than downsides.
  • Be wary of referees at work. If you have the flexibility, working with people who are good at relentless execution will most likely be worth it.
  • Working hard is important but not as important as working with the right people and on the right project.
  • Navigating politics at work is an essential skill to have.
  • Trying to actively work on your weaknesses may not always be the right thing to do. Sometimes focusing on your strengths instead might pay off more.
  • We're too eager to categorise people in boxes. Humans are considerably more complex than being either good or bad.
  • It doesn't seem likely that Mauritius will be a thriving nation in my lifetime.
  • It's much harder to stay healthy in Mauritius where most activities are centered around food.
  • People think about us far less than we think they do.
  • Having a great partner by your side feels like a superpower.
  • Seeing the people in your life happy is one of life's greatest joy.
Written on Sep 26, 2023