Let's talk

I really like Derek Sivers's contact page on his website.

This gave me an idea to set up a Calendly link where you can schedule some time to just chat with me virtually.

While I can promise that I won't be nearly as interesting as Derek, I can share a little bit about:

  • Living and working in Germany as a tech worker.
  • Tech projects I am currently working on.
  • Books I am currently reading:
    • Scaling people by Claire Hughes Johnson
    • Mindset by Carol S. Dweck
  • Non-tech stuff I am excited about:
    • Coffee
    • Sneakers
    • Football (although Liverpool's demise is a painful thing to talk about at the moment)

Of course, I am also really happy to learn more about you and really hope you take the opportunity to schedule something.

Book something here: Calendly

Written on Apr 3, 2023